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The Future is Hear

The Future is Hear

Ever since we became the dominant species we’ve been trying to improve ourselves and the way we live. New inventions were made in time to change our lives for the better and provide an easy life. Today’s technological breakthroughs are proving to be more ingenious than we thought they would be. When they predicted cars that run on electricity 20 years ago nobody thought we will see them and yet Tesla cars are becoming more and more popular every day. Latest inventions that will change medicine, engineering life itself as we know it are amazing, so let’s review some of them and see how will they affect our everyday life.

3D Printer
We have all heard of these devices that can print 3D object to replace the parts in machines or make anything that can be useful. But recent technology news reveals that next to small object one, much larger, will be available for printing. Companies that can’t get certain parts for cars, for example, use 3D printers to make them. But 3D printers have the advanced technology now to print whole cars. Part by part, they are created and assembled in larger versions of 3D printers that we have seen. This was never seen before, but company responsible for this breakthrough guarantees that we will have custom made cars that will work a bit differently that regular ones but still able to transport us from one place to another.

Layer Car
3-D_Printed_Electric_Vehicle_in_AMT___s_ETCThis type of car printed by large 3D printing machines will be called “Strati” which means “layer” in Italian. The designer and inventor Michele Anoe called it a layered car because of multiple A.B.S. layers (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) reinforced with carbon fiber. This layered car will be less complex than a regular car. The average car has approximately 20 000 parts that include engine parts, interior, and exterior accessories. This layered car created in 3D printed would have only 20 essential parts, engine parts included. The best thing about it is that if in some scenarios your new car requires a part to replace the broken one, you will be able to print the same part in only a few hours from these 3D printers. No more shipping and ordering issues caused by unavailability of parts for the particular car type. Every car manufacturer has unique parts that will fit only similar models; these new cars would consider universal parts that are not only easy replaceable but also affordable.

elektrokar_strati_sozdanniy_s_pomoshu_3d-pechatiExperts believe that these new layer cars will be manufactured under 60 minutes. The number of parts required to create one makes this process much easier. Regular cars would be impossible to print due to a higher number of parts required to manufacture them. Technology is evolving every day and there will be without a doubt more and more devices that will change everyday life and make things much easier for us. Electric cars that will be refiled wirelessly could be the transportation of the future that we can expect.