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The “Newbie Syndrome” – Microstockers

Posted by on Sep 6, 2016 in Fun Facts | Comments Off on The “Newbie Syndrome” – Microstockers

We experienced it ourselves, as many newcomers to Microstockers do. It is the most apparent with Shutterstock and less with other agencies. Once you get your application approved you are likely to see your first sale within hours or a couple of days maximum. You upload the rest of your portfolio that you have at the moment and – bingo! Your first weeks surprise you with nice sales. If you’ve read earning reports of other people before, you may feel you’re lucky to be well above the average in terms of all those RPIs, etc. You may get twice as much dollars as images you have uploaded for a couple of weeks.


The numbers may be different, but the trends of different people have much in common. When we were accepted at Shutterstock a couple of years ago, we started earning the same day and in our first month, we’ve got an income of about 135$. Having a bit less than 100 photographs uploaded, we were quite motivated by the results to go on. In a second month, we managed to get 170$ (including our first extended license sale for 20$).

7-The-Photography-of-Modernist-Cuisine-Collage1But be careful not to draw too optimistic scenarios for your future as a Microstock contributor, based solely on this first few weeks experience. As you see from the graph, after a period of rapid growth, downturn may come. And it happens for quite a few people. Then it takes time and effort to go back to your incomes of first few weeks.

There’s really such a nonsense, which I call the “newbie syndrome”. But what stands behind it? Is it only luck that all beginners are said to have? Or is there a better explanation? What should we do to to keep such a positive trend as much as possible throughout our Microstock career?

Reasons for the Newbie Syndrome

microstock_strategyApparently, it is not only your good guiding star, which helps you start off well. There are technical and logical explanations to it: Search engines and algorithms of most microstock agencies take into account the novelty (i.e. the upload date) of the images one way or the other. I’m quite sure this parameter matters for all Microstocks, but Shutterstock is known to be putting most stress on new images. In other words, the newer the image is, the higher in search results it is likely to appear => there’s bigger chance is will be sold. It really works like this. Many buyers don’t scroll more than a few pages of the results.

8225934732_2018b1e5dd_zAlthough there’s no proof of that, I’m quite sure some Microstocks also program in a bit higher priority to new Photographers to their search algorithms. It means not only your images will appear higher in search results because they have been uploaded recently, but also even a bit higher due to the fact that you are a new photographer. It sounds logical though to give such incentives to new contributors in order to show that Microstocks can make them some money.

To conclude, I think it’s really good we can have pretty good start with Microstocks. But it’s important to realize how it works and make the correct use of it.

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The Future is Hear

Posted by on Aug 6, 2016 in Fun Facts, Science, Technology | Comments Off on The Future is Hear

Ever since we became the dominant species we’ve been trying to improve ourselves and the way we live. New inventions were made in time to change our lives for the better and provide an easy life. Today’s technological breakthroughs are proving to be more ingenious than we thought they would be. When they predicted cars that run on electricity 20 years ago nobody thought we will see them and yet Tesla cars are becoming more and more popular every day. Latest inventions that will change medicine, engineering life itself as we know it are amazing, so let’s review some of them and see how will they affect our everyday life.

3D Printer
We have all heard of these devices that can print 3D object to replace the parts in machines or make anything that can be useful. But recent technology news reveals that next to small object one, much larger, will be available for printing. Companies that can’t get certain parts for cars, for example, use 3D printers to make them. But 3D printers have the advanced technology now to print whole cars. Part by part, they are created and assembled in larger versions of 3D printers that we have seen. This was never seen before, but company responsible for this breakthrough guarantees that we will have custom made cars that will work a bit differently that regular ones but still able to transport us from one place to another.

Layer Car
3-D_Printed_Electric_Vehicle_in_AMT___s_ETCThis type of car printed by large 3D printing machines will be called “Strati” which means “layer” in Italian. The designer and inventor Michele Anoe called it a layered car because of multiple A.B.S. layers (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) reinforced with carbon fiber. This layered car will be less complex than a regular car. The average car has approximately 20 000 parts that include engine parts, interior, and exterior accessories. This layered car created in 3D printed would have only 20 essential parts, engine parts included. The best thing about it is that if in some scenarios your new car requires a part to replace the broken one, you will be able to print the same part in only a few hours from these 3D printers. No more shipping and ordering issues caused by unavailability of parts for the particular car type. Every car manufacturer has unique parts that will fit only similar models; these new cars would consider universal parts that are not only easy replaceable but also affordable.

elektrokar_strati_sozdanniy_s_pomoshu_3d-pechatiExperts believe that these new layer cars will be manufactured under 60 minutes. The number of parts required to create one makes this process much easier. Regular cars would be impossible to print due to a higher number of parts required to manufacture them. Technology is evolving every day and there will be without a doubt more and more devices that will change everyday life and make things much easier for us. Electric cars that will be refiled wirelessly could be the transportation of the future that we can expect.

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The facts that people should know about yoga & fitness

Posted by on Jul 6, 2016 in Fun Facts, Healthy Lifestyle | Comments Off on The facts that people should know about yoga & fitness

Fast development in the modern society results in the fast pace and fast lives. Constant run all the day and completing different tasks while being under pressure doesn’t fall into the category of healthy physical activity. On the contrary, this type of activity can only cause harm. Stress and anxiety are accumulating causing different, serious diseases. This is the reason why people should pay attention and incorporate a healthy physical activity to release stress, strengthen the body and mind in order to decrease the harmful effect of being a member of a fast-paced world.

imageYoga & fitness are activities that are focused on improving health, strengthen body and mind in dealing with the everyday stressful situation, reducing negative effects of the modern way of life and relieving the symptoms of a great number of diseases. In fact, many diseases can be cured by performing regular exercises or at least to be kept under the control. However, many of them can also be prevented by regular physical activity so this is one more reason to start care for our health right now and seek the nearest fitness center.

By incorporating yoga or fitness exercises into your daily routine, you can decrease the risk of the cardiovascular diseases prevent high blood pressure, diabetes and lung problems, boost your the immune system, increase blood flow, reduce the back pain and stiff neck, help the body to become more flexible which is directly related to the prevention of problems with joints, bones and falls. Furthermore, exercises can improve respiration, give you the boost of energy and increase your vitality, improve the mood, tone your body, control the weight, boost the metabolism,  perfect the posture and a great number of another useful the thing that will improve your health and achieve a good and healthy look.

5-Breathing-Exercises-for-Stress-ReliefBreathing exercises help to quiet the mind and all thoughts that trouble us during the day and focus only on breathing. Once you learn how to breathe in order to relieve stress and tension you can practice this everywhere in every stressful situation. Also, exercises that are aimed to increase concentration and balance can help you focus better and complete your task more efficiently. The positive energy and the positive way of thinking will reduce the negative emotion such as anger, envy, frustration and fear that can cause serious damage to our mental health.  You will be able to control your negative emotion and to avoid unnecessary stress. Some of these good things can be noticed immediately after the first class but some of them will take a little way because changing the way we think and the way we live is a long process. Just keep working and the result will come.

Moreover, by doing regular exercises your body will start to reject bad habits and make you recognize and embrace the healthy way of life and live longer. All these positive effects of yoga & fitness can not be ignored and it is only necessary to decide and make the first step in the path of leading healthy and happy life.

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